Monday, September 10, 2012

Let Yourself Be Adored

I just took a walk with my adorable dog, Kirby.  She is so easy to adore, as you can see.  We jogged for a bit to get my heart and my breath going.  I had been feeling a little overwhelmed with my current schedule and had been feeling a bit of pressure in my head and heart.  After my breath and heart rate got activated well, I started to walk again focusing on the engagement of my lower bandhas and allowing ease into my upper body.  As I started to soften my heart and mind, I became aware of "being adored".  As I walked, I really allowed myself to be adored by my guides and angels, i.e. I allowed the love of the Universe to flow into me.  As I held that vibration of allowing, I was aware that I was lining up with the resonance of Well-Being as I wasn't worried or overwhelmed anymore and there was no more pressure in my body.  It felt so good and am eager for more allowing!

I like to think that Love is all there is.  Unconditional Love is constantly pressing in on us.  It is solely up to us whether we allow it in or not.  We totally have the free will to resist it, or to allow it.  We can also think of Unconditional Love as our Well-Being.  We can resist our Well-Being or we can allow it in all varying degrees upon every subject in our lives.

Find what things help you to lessen your resistance to your Well-Being / Unconditional Love.  It feels so good when we let it in.  It doesn't matter what it is.  Just give yourself permission to feel better and even adored!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Allow Your Well-Being

Just allow a bit more, just allow a bit more, just allow a bit more Well-Being...