Tuesday, February 16, 2010

See Source in Others

Healing old, very old heart wounds has been on the surface for me recently.  Actually, very on the surface for the last 8 months.  I'm allowing the unfolding and each layer that I uncover, the clarity that always comes through is "self love." 

After I get through my frustration, impatience, and disallowing of others (others is usually how the wound is brought to the surface.  Thank you all others!)  It always gets back to me.  Those feelings I'm having toward others are twice as strong for myself and are eminating from my view of myself, i.e. they are a pure reflection.

And another one! Online Yoga Videos that is...

Annie's on fire!  Our new Mac Mini sure is serving us well in that she is tearing it up with her editing our new yoga videos!  She's having so much fun!  I even like to do my own videos!  It's a little "de ja vue", but still awesome!  Check 'em out @ http://www.thepostureprojectyoga.com/.

Love & Light - Shalan

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Yoga Videos!

We've added 2 new yoga videos to our online yoga studio this week!

Our Purpose...

Our purpose is to remind people to give themselves permission to be joyful, to accept themselves in their current magnificence, to celebrate all that they can do right now and open to more in every moment of every day. We encourage them to listen to their hearts, the whispers of their spirits, the callings of their Being. We nudge them to hear what really jives them, what really inspires them, what really makes them smile from the inside out. We give them an opportunity to feel and understand the difference between feeling great and feeling anything other than great.