Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shalan Hill & Ann Pauley, Owners & Operators

I am a Being of Light. I did not realize the extent of how dark a place I have been in until I felt the freedom of possibility again after this 3 day Coaching Workshop (Uplevel University Live Event) #UYB2013.

I have a renewed faith in my business and the possibilities of thriving like never before. I have shifted many beliefs about myself to more loving perspectives. I am fully committed to the process of thriving as I have great tools and clarity with which to move forward.

I am so appreciating #ChristineKane and her desire to share this great information to help so many. I am also appreciating all the amazing & beautiful entrepreneurs I met during this event. I feel like there are some lasting relationships that have just begun in this lifetime.

"It is good to feel good!" - Abraham-Hicks

With appreciation - Shalan Hill