Monday, December 12, 2011

Intro To Yoga Class Series

w/ Shalan Hill

3 weeks

Sept. 10 - 24


The Basics of Yoga - For those New to Yoga and/or for Beginners that want a better grasp on their current yoga practice. 

  You'll learn proper body alignment, basic breath work, tools to focus & calm your mind, and how to stretch safely.  

Register now online!
(a credit card is required to register online, but will not be charged)

or call us @ 678-494-3450

Must register by Sept. 8.

(no drop-ins, no refunds, no make ups for missed classes, not part of the on-going classes)

Creating Your Life Class Series

A Life Changing Series
With Ann Pauley 
EIGHT WEEK SERIES                       
January 22 – March 11
Sundays 2 – 4 pm
COST:   $200 non-members or $175 members, $300 for pairs, $125 for repeaters (of "The Me I Want To Be")
Members must purchase via phone or in studio to get discount.
Call 678-494-3450 to register or email @
Want some changes in your life?  In this class, you will learn a formula to help you discover how you are creating your life by what your body is telling you about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  Then, learn how to deliberately create the life you want by changing those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs..

This information will transform your understanding of yourself and others!

Holiday Gift Samplers are Ridiculously Awesome!

Holiday Gift Samplers from The Posture Project!

30 Min. Massage
30 Min. Sauna Session
5 Yoga Classes
for only $39! ~ (60 min. massage version is only $69)

Makes Great Stocking Stuffers!
(for new clients only, purchase in studio only)

Get 'em while they're hot!

Give Yourself a Break!

Even 5 minutes of stretching and breathing can make the world of difference to you (and the people around you). Give yourself a break! - Shalan

Freedom in Breathing!

There is such freedom in knowing that you can just "breathe through it!" Makes life so much easier! - Shalan

Your Body is Your Best Friend!

Your body is eager to serve you! It can be your best friend if you let it be! Any discomfort you're feeling is your body's way of communicating with you. It's not working against you! Listen to what it is saying and nurture your relationship with it just like you would a good friend. - Shalan

Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't take it personally!

"Whatever happens around you, don't take it personally..Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

My message

My message for the day, the week, the month, the months: Get in your power & enjoy your life! - Shalan Hill
 This picture is Annie Pauley playing with the light on the ceiling, enjoying her strength & her body's abilities.


DRINK MORE WATER!!! YOUR BODY NEEDS IT TO DO EVERYTHING BETTER! Minimum intake should be 1/2 your body weight in ounces. i.e. - if you weigh 150 lbs., you should drink 75 oz. of water a day. If you drink sugary drinks, coffee, tea, etc., you need even more water to counter the dehydrating effects they have on your body.

Start seeing how great your life is!

You Rock!

We love being your teachers!

Seeing our students progress is so rewarding!

I Choose Me!

What if everyone lived by the motto: "I choose me!" ?

Then everyone would know they were taking full responsibility for their life and that everyone else was doing the same.

It all begins with you! When you honor yourself, everyone else in your life does the same.

Choose "you" in every choice, in every moment and see what beautiful relationships unfold and how fabulous life can be!

What a beautiful yoga community you are!

Core Yoga Online

Core strengthening from our latest video we uploaded to our Online Yoga Videos @

A Good Idea...

An Appreciation Journal! To make some major shifts in your habits of thought, write down what you are appreciating in your life everyday. It starts to tip the scales to more focus on what it is you are wanting in your life instead of what you don't want.

Our intention: To support your Well-Being


Every yoga class I teach is an artistic expression of the journey to more freedom in Mind, Body, & Spirit. - Shalan

Yoga on the Beach

Yoga on the beach smells great!!! - Shalan


Now you can book a massage or sauna session right on Facebook! See the "Book Now!" link on the left of our page!

ONLINE Gift Certificates!

You can buy INSTANT GIFT CERTIFICATES from our studio for your friends, family, and for yourself. Click this link or you can always go to our website @

Manage your Posture Project life ONLINE!

Did you know that you can schedule appointments, manage your appointments, view past payments, classes attended, etc.. yourself at your convenience by creating an account with us on our website! Click the link below or go to our website @ and click on "Login/SignUp" in the upper right hand corner. 

Myofascial Release & CranioSacral Therapy

This article gives a good description of 2 of the modalities we use at our studio: Myofascial Release & CranioSacral Therapy. They're awesome stuff!

Myofascial Release and Craniosacral-Therapy

If you're not feeling good, DRINK MORE WATER!


It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. We publish below a description of use of water for our readers. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a 100% cure for the following diseases:

Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders, ear nose and throat diseases.

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water
2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minute
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours
5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.
The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure/control/reduce main diseases:
1. High Blood Pressure (30 days)
2. Gastric (10 days)
3. Diabetes (30 days)
4. Constipation (10 days)
5. Cancer (180 days)
6. TB (90 days)

7. Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment only for 3 days in the 1st week, and from 2nd week onwards – daily. This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.
It is better if we continue this and make this procedure as a routine work in our life. Drink Water and Stay healthy and Active.

This makes sense .. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals ..not cold water. Maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating!!! Nothing to lose, everything to gain. For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you.

It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion.
Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine.
It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.
This is an excerpt from the full article by: Ron Simmons

A Bright Smile!

I've been swishing my teeth with sesame oil in the morning before I brush my teeth for about 5-10 minutes. It should turn watery and white. It moisturizes my mouth especially during the seasonal change to more dry weather and is really great for your teeth not to mention a real WHITENER. It works! I have a feeling if I did this everyday, I would not ever need to see a dentist. It's supposed to detoxify your body too! - Shalan

Shalan Loves Yoga!

I do love yoga! Did ya'll know that about me? For me, yoga is a way to know myself more, to feel better, to move through limitations, to get focused, get present. When I teach, I am at my strongest. My vibrational signal gets so amped and Divinity just pours through me! It's my favorite! I'm starting to feel that same power more consistently in other areas of my life too, and I really love that! Keep growing, it hurts not to! - Shalan Hill


Buy our original design t-shirts, 2012 Calendars with our original Photography, and a lot of other fun stuff!

So what do you do when your yoga practice leads you to intense irritation?

It's the releasing of what is stored in your body. If you allow it to come forth then you can let it go. When you let go of those emotions that you have stuffed, then there is a clearing in your body and you experience more freedom (from pain, from stiffness, from discomfort...)

Thank you all for coming to play with us and sharing us with your friends & family!  HOLLAH! Holiday Open House, Saturday, November 12. 

Gracie, our mascot, went to live on a sheep farm!

Gracie, our mascot & dog, has moved on to greener pastures to live with a dog trainer/sheep farmer to reprogram some aggressive tendencies. We couldn't ask for better for our pup! She's going to live with a pack of dogs and will surely be even happier than with us! Great creating!  We did a dog swap and that's how we met Kirby! Gracie says she loves all her fans and to not be afraid of change, because it can surely lead to more freedom! Thank You!

Tell us what you think!

Write a Review!

Share your experience of our studio with us and others!  We appreciate you!

Our new Mascot, Kirby!

Here's our new mascot, Kirby! She's such the sweetie pie! Today was her first day with us and she is wore out! She looks forward to meeting everybody!

A Traditional Yoga Studio That's All About Your Now!

We love yoga!  Speaking for our team, our own practices have brought such continued opportunities for freedom in all areas of our lives.  Our own experience sparks our passion to share this practice with others.

As a traditional yoga studio, we choose our primary offering of yoga classes influenced by that which has been handed down from generation to generation of yoga enthusiasts.  However, we are much more interested in what is happening in our NOW.

NOW is where we all are creating our world!  NOW is where we can let go of our past, anything that doesn't serve us.  We are evolving beings and we continue to grow and sometimes we need to let go of patterns and traditions that are no longer useful to us.

Opening to your NOW allows freer movement forward with less resistance.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bodywork Works to Dissolve Pain

You don't have to be in pain! We have a great success rate at reducing or eliminating pain. Have you thought about bodywork? We don't just do a massage, we put you back in whack!

Yoga for Well-Being

Yoga is such an amazing tool for your all around well-being. Calms you, focuses you, strengthens you, invigorates you, opens you to new possibilities, etc....

Health "Ensurance"

Yoga and Bodywork make excellent health "ensurance" policies!!! If you knew and felt what they can do for you, you would know the necessity of them in your life.

Yoga may be the form of exercise you've been looking for.

The Heart Chakra

"The heart chakra is the middle chakra, and green, the middle color of the spectrum, is traditionally thought of as its color. Green depicts a lush and balanced energy. Emerald green in the heart chakra shows that the heart's loving energy goes out not only to others, it is also able to nurture the self." - Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

Pink is also a wonderful color for the heart chakra!

The Healing Sun!

Get outside in the sun, it does wonders for your mood and life satisfaction! See the sun as your friend and enjoy it with respect and appreciation! Just listen to that inner guidance when you've had enough for the time being. Be well!

Healthy Heart Smoothie:

3 apples (2 Fuji, 1 Granny Smith)

1/4 beet

1 bunch celery

1 bunch collards

2 cucumbers

1 bunch kale

1/2 bunch parsley

1/2 head romaine

3 asian pears

1 head green leaf lettuce

1 head bok choy


BLEND in high-powered blender. Makes 2-2 1/2 qts that can be poured into jelly jars and sealed (fresh up to 3 days in refrigerator).

Appreciation for Love

We really appreciate all the love that is poured our way. We definitely feel it; even from those we don't see on a regular basis or maybe never have even met. The cycle of love continues never ending! Always sending it your way, too!

Yoga is instrumental in my Health

Yoga is a really big part of my life. My practice is instrumental in my sanity, my clarity, my freedom, and my health. - Shalan Hill

Fall In Love With Yourself!

Fall back in love with yourself! You started out that way! - Shalan Hill

Feel Better to Feel Better

Instead of all-or-nothing, fear-based approaches to weight loss, pain relief, diabetes, stress/anxiety etc., try sustainable changes that come from within. Smile. The better we feel, the more likely we are to change for the better. Eating "clean", exercising, and keeping an active social life is important ... joy, pleasure and freedom are paramount. - Rena Cash, Nutritional Counselor and Professional Bodyworker

Sharing information, Coupons Equal Money

Annie and Shalan have been saving an average of at least $25 a week on our food expenses just by utilizing this website.  It's like a game to us.  Have fun!

This could be a very valuable link for you! Makes it easy to save high percentages or even get products free w/ coupons used strategically!

Appreciate Contrast

Challenges, problems, issues, adversity: this is all called contrast. Contrast helps you get clear on what it is you don't want in your life and leads you to more clarity on what it is you do want. When we can see contrast for what it is, then we can move into a place of appreciation and not push against it so hard, i.e. staying in struggle. Appreciation = freedom! - Shalan

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another great solution for our computer age!

Our computer age has developed an epidemic of imbalance in our culture.  Long hours of sitting in front of our computer and not enough balanced movement and exercise has created quite an avalanche of low back pain, sciatic pain, poor posture, upper back pain, neck pain, and headaches.