Monday, January 12, 2015

Has Your Resolution Gotten Off The Ground?

It's a new year full of unlimited possibilities! Are you toying with the idea of a New Year's Resolution? I know I always have desires to turn a new page, start a new chapter, or rid myself of an old habit. So, I start with the best intentions and sometimes I succeed and sometimes about mid-January, I'm back to my same routine, habit, chapter, etc...

I know I could look at my attempt as a failure, but, if I saw a different perspective like, "Hey, I gave it a try. At least I did something new." Then, I did achieve something! I did start a new chapter! It might have been short, but I did have a chapter.

I know this year I will attempt to love myself more in the regards of letting myself off the hook if my chapter is short, or if I do get off center, or if I don't feel like doing yoga that day. The more I love myself, the more I will change and grow and thrive. As I love myself more, I will soften with love for others and in turn be able to receive more love. I know I'm human and I will always be learning and growing because If we're not learning and growing, we're dying.

So, I celebrate Your endeavor, no matter how long or short lived it may be. And I wish you the gift of self-love to celebrate even the smallest of steps.

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