Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Easter and You've got it Easy!

Easter = Spring = Rebirth

Easter is here! We hope that you and yours enjoy your time together and hopefully get to spend some time outside where nature is springing to new life!

We can go on and on about new life, rebirth, and new opportunities! So I guess I will!

I'm finding that that is what life is; just constant new beginnings.
New opportunities present themselves incessantly. That may be a new job, a new baby, a new relationship.

Annie and I have been together for 13.5 years and been in business together for 13 years. And we're finding new beginnings in our relationship with better communication and more understanding of each other so we can appreciate our lives and each other to a greater capacity. Because sometimes we forget how good we got it!

So, actually everyday is a new beginning. Our sleep time is a resetting for us to awake to a new perspective. That's refreshing!

So many of my yoga students feel like new in Mind, Body, & Spirit after each yoga class. I tell ya, it's the "Fountain of Youth!"

And even still, each conscious breath brings a new beginning. We let go of the past (that which doesn't serve us) with each exhale and we take in a fresh perspective with every inhale.

These opportunities for being born again are incessant literally until our last breath on Earth.

Look at all that opportunity for rebirth, to spring into a new life / perspective. What never-ending gifts we have available to us to begin again! When we look at it that way, we all got it easy! :)

Much love -

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