Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spring Sprung!

I hope your day is going well.  Spring has sprung with a bit of hesitation here in GA. We're eager and grateful for the warm weather again!

The change of seasons are always reminders to me of the beautiful cycles of life.

We go through those cycles internally just like the outdoors. For me, Spring brings with it freshness of life, new ideas, and eagerness for more movement. On the other side, it also brings with it the need and desire for Spring cleaning; shaking off the Winter blues; lightening our load. That's hard work whether you are doing it in your home, garden, or in your heart.

If you know me, you know that Winter is my least favorite season. But I am grateful for the gifts it brings me to allow more stillness to be more internal which is very necessary to incubate any seeds of inspiration that have been planted within. It can also be a time for healing my emotional wounds. Even though this time can be very uncomfortable for me, I gain some incredible insights into what direction I want to go or not go in in my life. It gives me a game plan for when I am ready for more movement that usually happens with Spring.

As I am smack dab in the middle of this process of embracing the new season and shaking off the old, I was given a good reminder by my love, Annie. Her words exactly were, "We're always going to be working through something, but whatever we're working through, we don't have to let it consume us." I also translated that into meaning my light (strength of Spirit) is much bigger than my problems or whatever I'm working through. So, thank you, Annie! Maybe her words will help you, too!

We're all in this together.  This gives us another opportunity to thank you for your connection with us and being part of the awesomeness of our lives.  It is you that gives us the reason to share our gifts and talents in every season.

Be kind to yourself and others. Again, I am reminded that Life is good!

Love & Light -

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